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Where To Buy Mid-Century Modern Furniture And Décor

Finding the best places to buy mid-century modern furniture and décor can be tricky if you want an authentic look and feel to your home. It’s easy to pack your house full of furniture on legs and atomic clocks and call it a day. Unless you know some of the principles behind why this style speaks to so many, it can be difficult to get the right feel with your mid-century modern look.

Ok, let’s face it, the mid-century modern style has been a “trend” for the last twenty years. However, if you’re a true modernist it’s not a trend at all, but a way of living that enhances quality of life.

Modernism embraces the idea that form follows function (what something looks like should be based on what it does, without added decoration), that new materials can be used in innovative ways, and that the design of residential spaces should reflect the needs and enhance the quality of life of those who live in them.

Mid-century Modern homes reflect these philosophies and were designed very differently from more traditional styles which did not necessarily consider how architecture could enhance the everyday life of a person.

Below are reliable places to get furniture and also décor for a mid-century modern style home, so that you can not only get the look but also the feel that you’re after.  The best approach is to combine new “mid-century modern” style pieces with actual vintage items if you can, for the most authentic look and feel.

1. West Elm

Over the years I’ve found West Elm to be reliable for quality mid-century modern style furniture that adheres to a consistent look but is reasonably priced. They even have an entire mid-century line (link) of furniture in a handsome finish called “acorn”. I have ordered many of these pieces for myself and find them beautiful and a good value.

West Elm sometimes leans contemporary rather than modern, so beware of this when shopping for furniture, as the distinction between the two styles can be hard to distinguish.

2. Etsy

For vintage finds, Etsy is hard to beat. If you’re looking for mid-century décor, toys or books, Etsy is a treasure trove of the unexpected and unique. Prices vary, and at times better prices can be found on other sites, but what Etsy excels at is curation. Nowhere will you find a wider selection of real mid-century items. Discovering something new helps to spark your imagination as to what’s possible!

3. Bed Bath And Beyond

Ok, you’re probably thinking, “Really”?

Bed Bath and Beyond isn’t exactly known for its style. However, I’ve found a variety of colorful and stylish MCM items there, such as planters, dressers, and recliners. I wouldn’t guarantee the quality or commitment to the environment, but I’ve noticed, for example, a cute mid century modern dresser made of solid rubberwood that got great reviews. If you know what you’re looking for, I think you could shop pretty green on this site as well as save some money and get stylish mid-century modern décor.  And there’s lots of choices!

4. Facebook Marketplace

I might be shooting myself in the foot on this one (is this a secret that few people know about??), but Facebook marketplace can be one of the best places to find quality mid-century and mid century modern furniture and décor. Many sellers on Facebook Marketplace will ship, but I find that the better deals are to be found locally.

Start with a simple search for “mid century”. If you’re looking for furniture, look for solid wood pieces.  Also, to keep sponsored posts (ads) and far away shippers from showing up in your search results, scroll down to “Delivery Method” and choose “Local Pickup”. From there you can see what’s available for mid-century and MCM décor and furniture in your area.

5. Local Antique Shops

Almost every city has at least a few antique shops. These are fun to visit and often include booths inside run by individual sellers, kind of like a flea market. The prices are often lower than online and sometimes can be negotiated.

Though time consuming, shopping antique shops and malls can be very worthwhile. Items are often one of a kind, sellers are usually motivated to make the sale, and sometimes you can score mid-century modern furniture or items for great prices because either the seller doesn’t know what they have on their hands or they just want to move the inventory.

To find vintage mid-century modern shops in your area, I suggest searching for “mid-century modern furniture ______________ (fill in your city)”. Reputable and established mid-mod furniture and accessories shops should come up. If you live in a smaller town or city and nothing comes up, try Facebook Marketplace or search “Mid Century Modern” on Instagram for vendors who will ship to your town.

6. Architectural Salvage Shops

Salvage Shops sells doors, light fixtures, hardware, décor, windows and other things sourced from period homes, abandoned factories, or old public buildings.

Often contractors or DIYers throw high quality functional items away during remodels of mid century homes. Sometimes these items can end up in salvage shops instead of the landfill. Salvage shops usually sell mid century modern fixtures, lights, mirrors, etc. for way less than you could get at a vintage shop, so it’s worth it to check if you have any in your area.

7. Ebay

I often end up on Ebay after searching online for something I’m looking for. The site isn’t exactly pretty and it wouldn’t be the first place I would look for mid-century items, but I’m surprised how often I end up there.

I’ve found vintage mid century items on Ebay for less than the identical item elsewhere. Usually Ebay has the best prices, if I can find what I’m looking for. Ebay is a very established site with 18 million sellers, so it’s no surprise that there are many mid-century treasures there to be found.

Don’t count Ebay out in your search for mid century modern bliss online. It’s consistently shown itself to be a contender in the second hand market.

In truth, there are some excellent resources online for mid century modern furniture and décor. You just have to know where to look!

For more mid century interior decorating ideas and products, visit our store, coming in late 2024!


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